Passover, one of the oldest and most popular of the Jewish holidays, celebrates the ideal of human freedom in a setting of family unity and love. Passover or “Pesach” takes place on the full moon of the first month of the Hebrew calendar, at the beginning of spring in Israel. Our ancestors left Egypt by the light of the full moon. In the long wandering that took them out of bondage and eventually to the promised land, our people began a new life, just as the earth begins anew each spring. This year, we will recommit to our responsibility to protect the stranger, the poor, and the vulnerable.

The Haggadah, which means “the telling,” is the guidebook for the retelling of the Exodus story. The word Seder, meaning “order,” refers to the structure of the service. Click Here for the image above to read CHJ’s 2023 Haggadah.

April 6, 2023 Family Passover Seder

About forty CHJers and their guests enjoyed a fabulous Seder in a private room at the Circle Diner in Fairfield.  Led by Emily Shufrin and Steve Reisburg, everyone got to read a passage from the up-to-date Haggadah that touched on contemporary themes. All sang along with Emily Shufrin, asking the ‘four questions” and singing the songs we all know and love.

The delicious meal followed, with a choice of three entrees, beginning with the winningest matzoh balls yet and ending with a slice of flourless chocolate cake.

Thank you Steve Reisburg for spearheading this event and to all who helped make it great.  Here are some photos to remind you of the event.

April 19, 2022 Family Passover Seder

This year, Pesach ran from Friday, April 15 to Friday, April 22, 2022.  Whether you celebrated with a family gathering or solely with us, we hope you enjoyed the in-person and virtual gathering on Tuesday, April 19th with a catered 4-course meal and humanistic service led by our own Rochelle Green. Song-leader Emily Shufrin and many readers participated as we celebrated together with old friends and met new ones. We welcomed the prophets Elijah and Miriam. We hid the afikomen for children to find.

Click here or the image above to read CHJ’s 2022 Haggadah.


Click here for our invitation with more details. Members are encouraged to get tickets early in March on Eventbrite, with options to pay by credit card or Paypal. Ticket prices will partially cover this special and meaningful event. A convenience fee per ticket of $3 will alleviate work for our volunteer committee compiling the RSVP and table seating.  Members who must pay with a check instead of credit, please complete the form below.

Passover Seder Pay by Mail

This reservation form will let the Seder committee know the number of people coming and their menu choices in advance of paying by check in the mail.

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Here are some photos from the CHJ seder. It was a full house!
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