hannuka windowHanukkah is the eight-day Jewish winter celeration. For Humanistic Jews, Hanukkah is a tribute to human power and courage. Judah Maccabee was a man who was willing to fight for what he believed, although like his enemy Antiochus Epiphanes, he was a religious zealot who denied freedom of worship to those who opposed him. Despite this, his example of bravery and authenticityhannuka actors motivates us to seize control of our lives and take our future into our own hands. We choose how we shall live, seeking to behave courageously and to preserve our integrity. For Humanistic Jews, Hanukkah is an endorsement of human strength and ingenuity, of hope and bravery.

CHJ loves Hanukkah so much that we celebrated it twice! Once with a party at Sunday School and another with a party for adult members on a weekend evening.

This year we will celebrate “virtually”. Stay tuned for details while our creative Hanukkah team provides a way to celebrate at a distance.


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