November 22, 2015 -Mitzvah 1- 4/5

We finished up our discussion of the Ethiopian Jews, also known as the Falasha. We finished up the last few pages of the story of Solomon & the Queen of Sheba. That led us to reviewing the journey from Ethiopia to Jerusalem that Makeda took. We discussed what it means to be a Humanistic Jew…. Read More

November 15 – Zahav & Pre-Mitzvah (4/5)

In today’s class we discussed what it means to be a Humanistic Jew. We discussed the different sects of Judaism including: reformed, conservative, orthodox, & chassidic. Each sect was defined and the differences & similarities were reviewed. We focused on the principals Humanists affirm. Including the following: Human beings possess the power and responsibility to… Read More

November 1, 2015 – Zahav & Pre-Mitzvah (4/5)

Today our Sunday School class talked about values and ethical behavior. We spent some time defining these hard words and concepts, trying to relate them to our everyday lives. We decided values are ideas that are important to us and help us decide how to act. Ethical behavior is acting in a good way toward… Read More

October 2015 – Zahav & Pre-Mitzvah 4/5

Zahav (Emily) & Pre-Mitzvah (Marnie – 4/5)  Hello Zahav Class Families!      We had another fun day at Sunday School! Although today was a small group (just Ariel and Zoey) we made the most of our time together by reviewing the High Holidays and wrapping this series up with the upcoming holiday, Simchat Torah. We not… Read More

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