How to Zoom

How to Zoom

The pandemic limits our ability to spend in-person time together. While it is hard, we are fortunate that technology allows us some virtual togetherness: Zooming. Following is a brief tutorial to get you started. And, in case you are having any difficulties connecting to our calls, our technical support links should help you out.

Zoom Etiquette

When on a Zoom call, consider it like you are meeting with the others in-person. These tips offer some suggestions that you might not have thought about. They will help ensure the Zoom call goes smoothly for everyone.

★ Check out the different features (un/mute, video camera on/off, raise hand, chat) so you are comfortable using them during the Zoom.

★ Think about your environment; remember that everything that the camera can see will be in view.

★ Make sure your space is well-lit. Lighting should be on your face so you can be seen clearly, not behind you.

★ Adjust your camera so it is at eye level.

★ Test your technology before the call begins. Then, join the session a few minutes early so the host recognizes you are present and can let you in.

★ Turn on your video so others can see you (unless your wifi is weak).

★ Mute yourself when not talking; look into the camera when you are.

Technical Support

Zoom is a video conferencing tool. It allows groups to have live video conversations. If you are new to Zoom, follow these links for help:

★ Download the Zoom app

★ Zoom Tutorials

Zoom Keyboard Shortcuts

Mute/Unmute Mic
MAC: ⌘Cmd+Shift+A
PC: Alt+A

Video on/off
MAC; ⌘Cmd+Shift+V
PC: Alt+A

Raise Hand:
MAC: ⌘Cmd+Shift+Y
PC: Alt+Y

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