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Families are the future of CHJ. Our inclusive, warm, welcoming Congregation includes families of all stripes coming together to celebrate Judaism and being Jewish. From Baby Naming to Sunday School to Bar & Bat Mitzvah to the Teen Tzedakah Group to Adult Ed, you’ll find a community for families and kids of all ages.

Humanistic Judaism offers contemporary Jews a true alternative to the other branches of Judaism. Our services reflect a bold, creative approach to Judaism as a cultural, historical affiliation. On the High Holidays we take pride in celebrating and reflecting on our Jewish identity, in examining who we are as Jews in the modern world. As Humanistic Jews, our every observance is marked by honest self-reflection and a positive commitment to our self-defined values and ethics. If you’d like to learn more about CHJ, feel free to call us at 203-293-8867 or visit the rest of our website. You can also learn more about Humanistic Judaism by visiting the website for the Society for Humanistic Judaism (a larger organization with which we are affiliated) at

If you have school-aged children, you might want to join to give your kids the opportunity to learn about their Jewish identity in our Sunday School, where Jewish tradition and values come alive through readings, discussion, music, and arts and crafts.

We welcome you to attend our High Holiday services. This is a special and different year, as you know, due to the coronavirus.  As usual, there is no charge for High Holiday Services. Our services, however, will probably be online so childcare will not be needed.

To Join the Congregation, please complete the membership form. 

If you decide to join CHJ before October 30, you may apply any donations to your membership fees.   Please call or email us with your questions or to let us know you wish to be added to our emailing list: 203-293-8867 or

It’s my pleasure to invite you to share the coming year with us, and I hope to see you soon.

Best regards,
Steve Getz, President

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Congregation for Humanistic Judaism, PO Box 82, Westport CT 06881. Tel: 203-293-8867

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