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The practice of Humanism in Humanistic Judaism is Social Action. Our purpose is to elevate the dignity of our fellow human beings. We can help empower people to navigate the courses of their lives.

We can be most supportive of those in need by performing social action on a regular basis. Our goal for CHJ this year is to increase the frequency and consistency of our enabling activities. Another goal is to enlist the help of our entire community by providing all members the opportunity to participate. We want to put ACTION into Social Action.

The post-Inauguration Day Women’s March brought CHJers out in Washington DC, New York, Stamford, Florida, California… and wherever they found themselves.

CHJ members marched for women's rights and human rights in Washington, New York, Stamford and Florida.jan 21 march DC2
jan 21 march stamford

jan 21 march NY2

jan 21 march DC

jan 21 march CA




With every mass shooting, Gun Safety jumps to the forefront of the country’s attention. But the proliferation of high magazine guns and assault rifles among ordinary citizens and the refusal of Congress to impose any limits on ownership has resulted in CHJ members voting it the issue most deserving of our activism. On Dec. 13, 2015, ten CHJ members joined a rally in Norwalk sponsored by Moms Demand Action, a campaign of Everytown for Gun Safety.


Wearing a touch of orange, walkers are (front row): Lisa Finn, Barbara Jay, Joan Shaw, Marcia Kosstrin, Jeff Greenberg; (rear row): Steve Ulman, Cary Shaw, Nancy Barrer, Larry Gall.   Present but missing from the photo: Donna Soucy, George Rockmore and Ava.

Community Plates is a “food rescue” organization that moves good food from stores and restaurants to food pantries and soup kitchens in our communities. Volunteers sign up as “food runners” to bring food from one location to another. CHJ can make a big difference in our and neighboring communities by committing to regular runs on certain days each week. Working with Community Plates achieves the following goals:

  1. Opportunity for our members to help others in our own and neighboring communities
  2. Sense of community from all of CHJ working on the same project
  3. Regular, long-term commitment to community service
  4. Appropriate for families, couples, friends, or singles
  5. “Ease of use” – easy to sign up, short time frame for each run.

Community Plates is a new idea for Social Action. If you would like to join, please write to the Social Action chair. CHJ members also engage in less frequent but meaningful service activities throughout the year, such as participating in the Making Strides Against Breast Cancer Walk and collecting money for the CT Food Bank.

Our Sunday School schedules two Mitzvah Days each school year. Students make 100-200 lunches for a Bridgeport soup kitchen and some of the students hand-deliver them.

Throughout the year, we make volunteer and tzedakah opportunities available to our members through our own programs and also through partnerships with other congregations and local social agencies.  The Committee presents a number of Adult Education or evening programs as well as interactive presentations to the Sunday School during their Shalom sessions.  All CHJ members are invited to organize and engage in Social Action. There are numerous opportunities to teach, share your passion for volunteering, and address matters of social justice in the Jewish community, the Fairfield County community, and the world at large.  Join us! Let the Social Action chair know how you can participate.

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