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A Letter from the President


Steve Getz

“Donate to CHJ!”  

The Congregation for Humanistic Judaism (CHJ) has thrived in Connecticut for 51 years and continues as the sole Humanistic Jewish community in the state made possible largely from the voluntary support of both time and money from many.

Financial support is important to CHJ and to make donating even easier, CHJ is now able to accept online donations via credit card or PayPal.

Start by clicking on “Donate to CHJ!” located on the banner of CHJ’s website homepage where you will see various options for giving. You will find the new “Saul Haffner Jewish Enrichment Fund” and the “General Purpose” categories which, when the latter is activated reveals an option menu of “High Holidays, Sunday School/Mitzvah Program, Programming, Social Action, Wherever Needed Most, and Other.”

The listed options provide an array of opportunities to support and make an impact on the programs that mean the most to you.

Equally important are the options to make a donation “in honor of,” “on the occasion of,” and “in memory of” people and events of significance to you. What better way to honor, celebrate or remember than by linking such important occasions to the advancement of our CHJ community and Humanistic Judaism, in general.

Because CHJ does not own or maintain any buildings or other property or a salaried rabbi its expenses are kept to a minimum. That, plus its cooperative model which depends primarily on volunteer support from members, means that your gift to CHJ goes further in fulfilling the purpose for which you designate, thereby giving your contribution greater impact.

Members and non-members alike donate to CHJ. Members give because of their support of Humanistic Judaism and for the year-round value and relevance that the CHJ community offers, while non-members also often give because of their alignment with Humanistic Judaism and frequently in appreciation for CHJ’s High Holiday services where they are warmly welcomed to a high quality, no-cost and meaningful Humanistic Jewish alternative.

I encourage you to donate to CHJ when you want to honor someone, celebrate a special occasion, remember someone in a meaningful way or, just because.

Of course, financial contributions can continue to be made by sending a check to CHJ at P.O. Box 82, Westport, CT 06881-0082.

However you choose to give you can be assured that your gift will be greatly appreciated. Your support will have the effect of keeping the CHJ community vital and to help further the principles and presence of Humanistic Judaism in Connecticut.

Kind Regards,

Steven Getz

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