Letter from the President

Letter from the President

alex mack

As I write this column for our Summer newsletter  the weather keeps playing tricks on us, uncertain whether it is even fully ready to be spring yet. I am nonetheless looking forward to our annual meeting, always a wonderful event where we can get together and enjoy each other’s company, while at the same time checking in on our budget and new Board Members. I also hope this kicks off some additional thinking from members as to where we want to go as a congregation, based on the survey results and other conversations.

 Summer is a great time for contemplation, so in order to give everyone time for that, I’ve called for a congregational meeting during Adult Ed time on Sunday, September 17.  Please mark your calendars to come—I know it seems like a long way off now, but it will sneak up on us, and we will need input from everyone as we tackle our future in that meeting.

In the meantime, I hope everyone has an enjoyable and restful summer—whether or not you get time off from work, school, or daily responsibilities. My childhood rabbi always sent us off on summer break with the same advice, and after hearing it for so many years I took it to heart, and will share with you. There are three things you should try to accomplish in the next few months, and I would love to hear about them at the end of the summer.

  • Take a long walk
  • Read a good book
  • Make a new friend

May you all achieve your goals.


Alexandra Mack


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