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A Letter from the President


In last mSteve Getzonth’s “Letter from the President” column I invited members and particularly newer members, to become actively engaged in CHJ’s cooperative model by volunteering to support or initiate program events. I noted the hiring of Emily Shufrin as CHJ’s new part-time program coordinator who will be available to you to provide support to ensure successful events. Also in the July Newsletter was Emily’s survey which included a request for program ideas and her contact information of or 860-707-9808, for members interested in becoming involved.  I am pleased to acknowledge that even during the vacation days of summer some members stepped up and contacted Emily. Thank you to those concerned.  As the year progresses I will continue to ask that you look at your schedule and determine when and how you too, will be able to support CHJ’s cooperative model and become a CHJ volunteer. 

I am also pleased to note that despite the usual distractions of summer, CHJ continues to offer programs thanks to the volunteers who organize events, open their homes and the members and prospective members who attend those events.

Throughout the summer CHJ members continue to enjoy stimulating programs and the opportunity to socialize with one another through events such as Men’s Rap, Women’s Rap, and Book Club as well as ongoing social action opportunities.

Don’t Miss “Havdalah@ the Beach”!

As most members know the annual “Havdalah@ the Beach” event and service is a very popular CHJ program held each summer and typically attracts both members and prospective members. It is an opportunity to combine the warmth of a relaxing summer evening by the sea with the warmth and comfort of a caring community of all ages brought together by the shared philosophy of Humanistic Judaism.

Organized this year by the membership committee co-chaired by Mitch Tilkin and Myrna Retsky, they and other CHJ volunteers have been working on this event during the course of the summer to bring you another meaningful “Havdalah@ the Beach” experience.

Longer-term members hardly need an introduction to this event but for newer members who have never attended and prospective members considering attending please know that this free event is meant for all ages, with young families especially encouraged to attend.  Various age appropriate activities are planned along with time for dinner and a Havdalah service.

CHJ members are encouraged to attend and where appropriate, to bring friends who may be looking for a Jewish community, a congregation that more aligns with their philosophy or, a source to provide a Humanistic Jewish education to their Sunday School-aged children. All are welcome.

Warm regards,

Steve Getz

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