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A Letter from the President

 alex mack

It has been an honor to serve as President of CHJ for the last two years, and I want to thank everyone in the congregation for the input and support along the way. I want to especially thank Vice President Steve Getz, who I am happy to say will be taking over the reins this month — I leave things in very capable hands.

Looking back, we have been through a lot in the last couple of years. Our array of 50th anniversary celebrations stand out, with visits from Miriam Jerris and Adam Chalom, special programs through the year and of course the wonderful gala. We have also been through changes as a congregation. While we are still a cooperative, we have moved to paid positions to support some roles. Laura ably led our Sunday School as the first paid director, a role that we hope will be needed again soon as we build up the number of families with school age children in the congregation.

And, I am thrilled to announce that Emily Shufrin will be our new Program Coordinator, starting this summer. We see this role as essential to supporting our teams of volunteers to produce vibrant programs and activities that engage members and prospective members across generations. As immediate past president, I will be working most closely with Emily (and congregants who want to work with her) to build out and frame the role. I have already had a lot of questions from members about what the role does, and does not entail.

Here are some quick FAQ’s

Does this mean we no longer need volunteers to run programs and special events?

No! We are still a cooperative congregation. However, it should mean that volunteering should not be so daunting. The Program Coordinator can help with logistical issues such as scheduling, coordinating with vendors, finding space, keeping an eye on the details, and recruiting the full slate of volunteers needed to make an event happen.

I have an idea for a program, what do I do?

Contact Emily! She can help find an appropriate time and place and figuring out what else you need to make it happen!

Emily asked me to do something — I thought that is was her job to do that?

Her job is to find people to do many of the jobs that need to be done, and to provide support so that no one person has to do everything. Please remember that we are only paying her for a few hours of work a week, and in the rest of the time she is a member of the congregation as well!

I am excited for the future of CHJ, which is dependent on all of us!


Alexandra Mack

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