March report

Green Eggs and Hamantaschen

We actually didn’t read Dr. Seuss or make green eggs this month, but I couldn’t pass up the clever headline. And because hamantaschen are such a delicious part of our current holiday. It’s Purim! And it’s time for CHJ’s annual Purim Spiel (Play) and Party, which will take place March 8th. The Zahav and Pre-Mitzvah children have been working very hard practicing their lines for the play. The little ones in the Kesef class have been making groggers, noisemakers used to drown out the name of the villain of the Purim story, Haman. We can’t wait to tell you all about it and post photos to our website!
Kesef (Taffy – K/1)
2/1: The children decorated groggers for the Purim party. We reviewed the story of Purim and what the groggers will be used for. Next week, we will finish the groggers. I will briefly introduce Passover to get ready for our next big holiday.
Zahav (Randi – 2/3) & Pre-Mitzvah (Marnie – 4/5)
3/1: I had both classes.  We are getting close to show time next week!
We started off with a joint Hebrew class with Mrs. Snow, where they practiced writing Hebrew letters by making a Bingo board and then playing the game.
After we blocked and practiced our Purim spiel.  Everyone did great and quite a few students had the script memorized.  There are just a few kids who need to practice a few more times so they are confident.  Please make sure to practice a couple of times with your child.  We did switch a few lines around so everyone will be comfortable come next week.
Everyone should dress nicely for the play.  During the Purim carnival – costumes are encouraged if your child would like to wear one.  For the play the main characters, Nathan (King A), Zoey (Esther), Bradley (Mordy), and Steven (Haman) need to wear costumes.  I think Mrs. snow said she has a three corner hat and I have a tiara for Zoey.  Everyone else should dress nice – no costume needed.  I’d like to do some face painting (mustaches were popular last year) so if anyone has face paint please bring it in.
2/8: We practiced for the Purim play.
2/1: We are working hard on our Purim play. Today we assigned parts and handed out scripts to students who were here.  For students who missed today’s class; Jack, Harrison, Dana, Eli, Ariel & Zoey – Randi will be emailing scripts with parts.
We are off for the next two weeks PLEASE have your child review and practice their part. We LOVE for the play to be “unscripted”, so memorization is key.  We appreciate your assistance in making our plays SO special.  We really like everyone to participate, so the next two weeks attendance is important.  Please let us know ASAP if your child will not be attending the next two classes (March 1 and March 7) so we can reassign parts.
Mitzvah (Rachel – 6/7)
3/1: Today we began class with a short discussion about Missouri Republican Tom Schweich, and his suicide following a whisper campaign that would reveal his jewish heritage. This then led into a retelling of the story of Esther and Purim.  We followed up with a few Purim music videos.
After a quick break, we watched a few more scenes of Fiddler, and discussed all the broken traditions we saw in the movie today.
Following Hebrew with Laura (happening as I write you!), Shalom session will be a group yoga session where we use our bodies to practice the values we learn here at CHJ.
2/1: We started off with some fun yoga/dance/hula hooping play time.  What??? Is she for real?  Yes. Unfortunately or fortunately, (whichever your perspective) all students trickled in late-between 9:30 and 9:50. Unable to start promptly, I chose to make lemonade out of lemons. While we were waiting, I opted for some good old fashioned play time. We turned up the Maccabeats, and rocked out!  In my opinion, letting the students bond is important. Those who feel a real connection with the others in their class through the CHJ experience tend to stay connected; to each other and the congregation as well (through the teen group). So my friends, I say dance, hoop and play on!
After the hoola hooping/yoga/hip hop extravaganza we watched Fiddler on the Roof.  If your student was absent today, we watched from the beginning, through Matchmaker and ended just before Shabbat begins. Please rent the movie and have your student watch the first 30 minutes to catch up. We will continue watching some each week, until we get to the end. I choose to watch Fiddler for a few reasons:
1) It is the perfect example to follow-up our discussion of Jewish life in the Russian Pale of Settlement during the late 1800’s.
2) It exemplifies so much of Jewish tradition.
3) It’s a classic and only one of the students has seen it, or is familiar with the music. (also classics of Jewish-American/Broadway music).
For the Shalom session, we started to do some yoga with the entire Sunday School. The session was super short, and I had so many fun activities planned.  Thus, Becca will give me one of the last Shalom and music sessions to teach yoga and follow it with a dance party.  So…if you missed today’s hooping/dancing/yoga-posing/bust-a-move greatness….there is always next time.


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