It’s a Tradition: Passover Seder With CHJ
There’s young families with children, long time members, and in at least one case a member’s extended family celebrating together and with our community.
This year we had nearly 90 participants come for the traditional food, the seder story read from our Humanistic Haggadah, and the communal celebration.  Co-chairs Ellie Shafer and Myrna Retsky somehow improved on last year's success for one of our most enjoyable seders ever.
Back in January we had another successful seder for Tu B’Shevat.  Marcia Kostrin brought this celebration to life with words, song and dance. The Facebook pictures tell the story - a very good time was had by all.
Seders are only one way in which we gather as a community to learn, share and celebrate.  While most often I focus on the rewards of CHJ participation, I sometimes think about how many hands have shaped the event that we’re enjoying.  Hilllary Clinton had it right - “It takes a Village.”
Whether you like to plan and organize events, bake for High Holidays and other gatherings, hold programs at your home, talk with potential new members about your CHJ experience, write a column for the newsletter - well the possibilities are endless - now is a good time to start thinking about how you’d like to participate in the congregation next year.
The nominating committee is meeting soon.  To bring another great year to reality we all need to pitch in.
Send an email today to Dana Preis ( and/or Beth Ulman( with some of your favorite ways to participate in the coming year.  The subject line might be something like .....I’m in!
Jane Campbell