Kosher Food

November 3, 2018 @ 4:45 pm – 7:30 pm
Stone Ridge at Fairfield Club Room
1412 Kings Hwy
Fairfield, CT 06824
David Shafer


On November 3, we will see a slideshow by longtime CHJ member Dave Shafer on a topic that for some is dear to your hearts, and stomachs.  If you have ever paid $21.50 for 2nd Avenue Deli’s hot pastrami sandwich in New York, you know what sublime kosher food is. Still fighting that craving for bacon? Kosher vegetarian faux bacon bits (brand name Pig-OUT) may be for you. We will survey the vast world of kosher food starting with the Torah and moving up through time to a major event in 1911, when Crisco was invented. One ecstatic rabbi then said the Jewish people had been waiting 4,000 years for this to happen. More recently on a slow day a board of Reform rabbis weighed in on whether or not dinosaurs were kosher or treyf (it depends).

There are many fine points of keeping kosher and we will examine some. If you prick your finger it is OK to suck the blood off it but it is not OK for you or Dracula to do that to someone else. What is the source of the seemingly arbitrary kosher rules set forth in the Torah, later developed in the Talmud and what purpose have they served Jews over the ages? Come to an entertaining and informative slide show and find out! But wait, there’s more! We will also be sampling kosher style food as part of this event. If you like tongue, then bring your tongue!

Park at the Fairfield Metro train station across from the Club.

Program starts at 4:45 p.m., with a dinner of Kosher-style food and schmoozing to follow starting around 5:30 p.m. More details and the address of the event to follow in future announcements!

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