Friday Shabbat – Your End of Life Matters

October 19, 2018 @ 7:30 pm
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Barbara Jay


Come for a brief Shabbat service, dessert, and an interactive talk by Anne Ziff about a subject many of us avoid: talking about your end of life plans.

Anne’s new book, Your End of Life Matters: How to Talk With Family and Friends, conveys the value of talking about last wishes long before the end is imminent. Whether it’s us or our parents who are getting older, Anne recommends ways to initiate “the conversation” with a person we can trust.  She believes that end-of-life discussions can be had by anyone at any time and under any circumstances. Her approach takes some of the fear and mystery out of the communication process.

An experienced marriage and family therapist and an early member of CHJ when she lived in Westport, Anne has been on both sides of this vital conversation, first as a listener, and, more recently, as its initiator. She advocates the value of both roles. She also believes that having this conversation releases you to go on living your life, without having this on your to do list.

Anne asks that you join her in bringing a joke on the subject of aging   with you–if you can think of any.

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