Evening of Yiddish Cabaret

May 23, 2019 @ 7:00 pm

The first event underwritten by the Saul Haffner Jewish Enrichment Fund will feature Yiddish vocalist Zhenya Lopatnik, a young singer/songwriter living in New York who emigrated from Ukraine. The venue is the large, beautiful Bennett Hall at the entrance to the Jewish Home, 4200 Park Avenue, Bridgeport. Seating is at round tables in cabaret style. The event is open to the community and listed on the Federation’s Common Threads program schedule.
As this is the debut event of the Fund (and free), we are counting on a huge CHJ turnout to set a high standard for the kind of programs the Fund intends to put on in the future and our credibility. Please invite your friends who would enjoy hearing Yiddish music. Advance registration is required and can be made at  humanisticjews.org/yiddish-cabaret/ where you can note the number in your party and seating preferences.
You don’t need to know Yiddish to enjoy the show! Zhenya will explain the songs’ origins and meaning. Backing her will be Israel-born guitarist Oren Neiman (currently a musician in Joel Grey’s Yiddish Fiddler on the Roof in NYC) and Argentina-born clarinetist Ivan Barenboim (artist-in-residence at Central Synagogue now working on solo clarinet meditations on the question of what is a Jewish sound).
A variety of tapas, wine and soft drinks will be catered by Jewish Senior Services, which comes highly recommended. The Welcome Table will accept donations to the Fund and donors will receive a copy of Just a Boy From Brighton Beach by Saul Haffner.


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