October 2015 – Mitzvah – 6/7

Mitzvah (Rachel – 6/7) In October, as introduction to our Holocaust unit, we reviewed and dissected the meaning of the following vocabulary words: Bystander, Genocide, Identity, Scapegoat, Conformity, Propaganda, Stereotype, Fear, Holocaust, Discrimination and Symbolism.       Some terms came very easily to the group. Bystander was one of those words. Everyone was able to… Read More

March report

Green Eggs and Hamantaschen We actually didn’t read Dr. Seuss or make green eggs this month, but I couldn’t pass up the clever headline. And because hamantaschen are such a delicious part of our current holiday. It’s Purim! And it’s time for CHJ’s annual Purim Spiel (Play) and Party, which will take place March 8th. The… Read More

January 2015 Newsletter

      January 2015  Volume 48 Issue 5 Please Give a Warm CHJ Welcome to our newest Members… Carrie Frank & Dario Zagar and Julia Lesley Gyorsok & Jonathan KIrschner, Sonja & Linda CHJ Sunday School Activities! Chanukah…Hanukkah…Pass the Latkes! No matter how you spell it, everyone loves Chanukah. Latkes, apple sauce, sour cream. Stories… Read More

Chanukah is Coming! November Recap

This month, the children learned a wide variety of subjects – from Shabbat to Hebrew, and from Jewish athletes to the Lost Tribes. The children were engaged and excited to learn about all these interesting topics.  Chanukah is coming up quickly and the children have some thing special planned for this year’s Chanukah Party! Shalom… Read More

Welcome to the New Year at CHJ Sunday School!

It’s the beginning of another exciting school year at CHJ. Our four Sunday School classes are full of inquisitive children who are ready to learn. There was a great deal to discuss between getting reacquainted with old friends and meeting new ones, and the holidays of Rosh Hashanah, Yom Kippur, and Sukkot. One of our… Read More

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